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Vintage Dennison Gummed Foil Star Labels

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I found these great vintage, green, foil stars by Dennison. They are new-old stock, unused and in pristine condition in the original box. These are the same gummed stars teachers would use to adorn homework, progress charts, etc. back in the old school days before we had adhesive stickers! They have the old-fashioned, gummed backs that need to be licked or wet with a sponge. The stars are delicate, so I recommend using glue instead of activating the adhesive with water. The foils stars are a great nostalgic, vintage touch to craft and paper projects. Also, a nice example of office supply ephemera from the 1950-60's era. I believe these are from the 1950's or earlier.

Box and stars are in very good condition. Box is new from a larger carton of office supplies obtained at auction. The size of the stars are approximately 1/2" diameter. Box is 2 5/16" x 2 5/16".

Buyer will receive one (1) box of 125 green stars. (I randomly chose one box and counted the stars. There were 131 stars in that particular box. So each box should have at least 125 stars.)


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