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Vintage Typewriter Eraser

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DESCRIPTION: Vintage typewriter eraser from Eberhard Faber, model Van Dyke. This model has the red eraser with green brush whiskers, one of the more colorful versions of the typewriter eraser. I believe these erasers were manufactured sometime between 1950-1960s. The eraser was used to eliminate mistakes while using a typewriter and the brush to whisk away any eraser crumbs left on the page.

CONDITION: Eraser is new-old stock (NOS), never been used and in excellent condition. Fun piece of office supply, typewriter nostalgia. There may be very slight scratches on metal areas due to vintage age. It does not distract from the overall quality of the piece. There might be slight variation in the eraser from the example shown in the photo, ie. writing and symbol details on metal area varied year to year in the manufacturing of the eraser.

SIZE: 3 1/4" Long, 1 1/2" Diameter

QUANTITY: Buyer will receive ONE (1) eraser.

WHAT IS A TYPEWRITER ERASER? "The traditional erasing method involved the use of a special typewriter eraser made of hard rubber that contained an abrasive material. Some were thin, flat disks, pink or gray, approximately 2 in (50 mm) in diameter by 1/8 in (3 mm) thick, with a brush attached from the center, while others looked like pink pencils, with a sharpenable eraser at the lead end and a stiff nylon brush at the other end. Either way, these tools made possible erasure of individual typed letters. Business letters were typed on heavyweight, high-rag-content bond paper, not merely to provide a luxurious appearance, but also to stand up to erasure. Typewriter eraser brushes were necessary for clearing eraser crumbs and paper dust, and using the brush properly was an important element of typewriting skill; if erasure detritus fell into the typewriter, a small buildup could cause the typebars to jam in their narrow supporting grooves." *

*Excerpted from the entry titled, Typewriter-Correction Methods.


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